Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, uncontrolled emotion? Do you or someone you love need immediate help? Below is a guide to help you understand what options you can take in extreme risk, moderate risk, or low risk situations.

Extreme Risk

Call 9-1-1 Now

Extreme risk requires immediate emergency assistance if someone is:

  • Bleeding
  • Has ingested something toxic
  • Has a weapon
  • Is currently in the process of self harming or harming others
  • Causing property damage

Moderate Risk

Call 970-306-4673     Hope Center
Call 844-493-8255     CO Crisis Center

Contact a number above immediately if someone is:
  • Experiencing suicidal thoughts
  • Experiencing emotional distress
  • If you are concerned about a loved one and want support on what to do or how to help
  • This line is staffed 24/7 with licensed mental health clinicians and peers. If the situation escalates while on the phone with Colorado Crisis Services, they will contact local dispatch and support you or your loved one by initiating a welfare check.

Low Risk

Find a Therapist→

Research the best therapist for yourself or others.
  • Ask the person if they are in danger of hurting themselves or others. If they are, refer to Moderate Risk. 
  • If they answer no, but the person is struggling you can refer directly to the Hope Center at (970) 306-4673.
  • If the risk is low please research local therapists through the Therapist Finder.
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