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Vive Bien: Duelo, Pérdida y Trauma causado por el COVID-19

Esta es la primera serie de "Vive Bien" en español. Aprenda dónde encontrar apoyo y cómo recuperarse de los impactos de COVID-19.

Live Well: COVID-19 & Springing Forward

Ideas from local experts on ways to improve your thoughts, along with ways to take care of yourself. Finding hope and balancing expectations.

Enhancing Your Wellness and Growth Amidst Trauma-Post Traumatic Growth

Presentation by Shelby Muhn, MA-Colorado Mountain Medical and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health Predoctoral Psychology Intern. COVID-19 is a complex trauma that is being experienced on a worldwide level. Rather than focusing on the post traumatic stress, Ms. Muhn explains ways to transfer trauma into growth and resilience.

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Eagle Valley Behavioral Health was established to serve as the backbone organization to lead the community collaboration in transforming the Eagle Valley behavioral health system.