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Holiday Blues Community Talk

Missed the talk? Watch the video recap → Vail, CO  – On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, Vail Health and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health will host a... Read More

12 Tips for getting through the Christmas season

This article was first printed in the Vail Daily by Jill Squyres on December 5, 2019. Despite what you may believe from watching seasonal movies and TV commercials, the holiday blues affect a surprising number of people.... Read More

Wolfington: Transforming the Landscape

This article was first printed in the Vail Daily on November 26 by Casey Wolfington.   When living in Eagle County, there are certain unique aspects of our community that residents come to accept. We accept that... Read More

Logo depicting a tree with the words 'Eagle Valley Behavioral Health'

Eagle Valley Behavioral Health was established to serve as the backbone organization to lead the community collaboration in transforming the Eagle Valley behavioral health system.